With AI.

Hunter AI represents the future of Telegram Bots, employing algorithmically generated calls, we are setting a new standard in trading intelligence.

Hunter ai

your gateway to the future of trading intelligence.

Our cutting-edge Telegram Bot harnesses advanced algorithms to seamlessly scan multiple Blockchains, providing users with meticulously crafted, algorithmically generated calls that redefine the standard of trading insight.

Hunter AI, leads the charge in technological innovation by integrating state-of-the-art GPT models. This empowers traders to identify coins poised for exponential growth potential with unprecedented accuracy. Say to exhaustive research and analysis – our AI-driven scanner handles the its all Hunter is constantly on the Hunt for 100x Gems, delivering tailored insights and recommendations aligned with your trading objectives.

Join us on the forefront of trading technology. Experience the power of Hunter AI and revolutionize your approach to crypto and MEME trading today. Get the Hunter AI Telegram bot and start finding those Gems





Hunter ai

Next-Gen AI Gem Calls

Find your next 100x 💎

Leveraging state-of-the-art AI algorithms and comprehensive scanning across multiple platforms and social data, Hunter AI meticulously evaluates new and high-potential tokens. With strict parameters in place, it excels in identifying the most promising gem calls in the market.


  • Get in first with early calls, creating 100x potentials
  • Find gems on Solana, Base, BNB, ETH, more coming soon
  • Rug pull detection parameters
  • Efficient Social Media Searches
  • Built in BonkBot and Trojan trading bot support for faster trading

How To Access Hunter AI Bot

Buy $Huntr Tokens

To access the Hunter AI Bot you will need to hold a minimum of 85 000 $Huntr in your wallet.

Get Hunter AI on TG

Add the Hunter AI Bot on Telegram by clicking on the button below or searching for @HunterAI_Bot

Connect Wallet

Type: /access

You will be promted with the Collab Land link. Connect your wallet for verification and access the bot.


  • Private Investors – 5%
  • Liquidity – 72%
  • Advisory – 5%
  • Team (Vested 1 year) – 8%
  • CEX Listing – 10%
find your next 100x gem

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